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Artists need to focus on music - whether originals, tribute or both. You play, we handle the rest.


We've been in the music business for over 35 years. We're musicians and songwriters - we get it.

We can provide guidance, advice and planning to help develop your career as an artist.

Want us to leave you alone? We can do that too and just focus on publicity and booking.

Need help getting in touch with producers, engineers, record labels? We've got connections.

We don't know too many artists out there who love to promote themselves. Most do it because they have to. Still others don't do it and remain stuck.

We know all the ins and outs of promotion. From social media to radio we can help.

We listen to our artists. We'll make sure everyone is on the same page so things are done right and according to your style.

Sure, we may nudge you in a direction because we know it works but ultimately, it's your decision.

Want your name in lights?

Let's face it, booking shows sucks. We don't mind. Shows are the number one way our artists make their money.

It's also one of the best ways to grow your online and real-world following.

Want to play once a month, once a week? We'll work with you to understand your schedule and book accordingly.

We'll identify the markets and venues that make the most sense for your style and goals.